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agricultural activities – 12 million euro in "Diversification of agricultural activity"

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agricultural activities, LAZIO REGION PSR LATINA – This amounts to 12 million euro in total funding to questions about the Public Announcement of the Lazio Region for "Diversification of agricultural activity". The resources are aimed at encouraging investments for the diversification of farms by creating, strengthening, qualification of tourism activities and diversification of agricultural activities.

The ban applies to the whole region and is aimed at:

active Farmers;

family workers (member of an active farmer family who works on the farm at the time of submission of the application, with the exception of agricultural workers engaged in business activities).

The types of intervention are financed:

  • Intervention A: Agrituristiche Development Activities;
  • Intervention B: Transformation and direct sales of local products, for companies that carry out or intend to carry out "multifunctional activities";
  • Intervention C: Cultural activities, didactic, social, recreational and therapeutic-rehabilitative as: educational activities called "Farm", rural recreation centers and agri-seekers, fun activities including sports and cultural "rural sports center", therapeutic activities- rehabilitation and therapy facilities assisted with animals;
  • Intervention D: Supply of agricultural conducted by the environmental services for the care and maintenance of non-agricultural areas.

In the context of the types of action mentioned above, the following expenses are eligible:

  • Investment materials for building, restructuring and modernization of buildings and production company artifacts;
  • Equipment;
  • Overheads;
  • Physical investment.

The total investment cost per project will not exceed 500.000,00 euro. The aid intensity provided for by Bando is fixed to the maximum extent of the 40% of eligible expenditure for the project.

The submission is no later than 18.00 of the 30 November 2017. The support is deemed admissible will help to form a regional ranking, based on the marks awarded as a result of the preliminary assessments.

The submission of the application for support must be the portal of the National Agricultural Information System (SIAN) to the following address:


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