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Lavorare con l’80% di lavoro umano in meno, senza motori a scoppio, risparmiando ilLOGO Agriculture 2punto0 transparent background 90% di acqua, senza pesticidi o fertilizzanti, It makes the opportunity to working as entrepreneur, of Agriculture partners 2.0, unica.
La realtà è che, in questo pianeta, we are becoming a lot and even agriculture traditional, solamente arando la terra, releases carbon and interrupts the natural cycle fixation that would increase the beneficial of water holding capacity. only in The United States will release more than 20 gigatoni di carbonio.
L’importanza che assumerà il cibo nei prossimi 30 anni è inquietante, just think that Rockefeller has disinvested from fossil fuels and created an ark of seeds.
L’agricoltura fuori dal suolo è largamente utilizzata (100% in supermarkets organized) in modo asettico, con sistemi non rappresentativi dell’ecosistema naturale, with hydroponic and aeroponic growing systems.
Agriculture 2.0 proposes the Organic Farm,it, where l 'Acquaponica It represents a natural ecosystem symbiosis of fish and plants. Una tecnica di coltivazione unica, in production of vegetable 100% organici. The phenological phases of plants take on a new rhythm, totalmente superiore a qualunque altra tecnica di coltivazione. Foglie, flowers and fruits grow, per quality and quantity, expressing the highest expression of potential of the seed.
Scientific studies, show that The cultivation technique out of the ground Acquaponica, It is unrivaled and is a haven for plants and fish.
Agriculture 2.0 is the change we need to undertake in agriculture with new low carbon footprint technology, senza concimi chimici, senza pesticidi, senza usare antibiotici, petrolio o motori a scoppio.
Al fine di cambiare le regole della produzione e della filiera agricola, we'd like to share with her in person, in qualità di imprenditore, our offer of business.
Cordially, David Balbi Administrator

Founder: David Balbi – Project Manager in TIM (1995-2000 world wide 100), Senior Consultant in Siebel (Nasdaq 500-fast growing company) and among other he has Collaborated in Centrosolar and Energiebau in the renewables sector. E 'founder and MondoMigliore Agriculture 2.0 He is responsible for building and growing the company, technically and commercially.


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