Who we are

who we are

We like to put in place and bring the change we want to see in the world.

We work with the brand MondoMigliore, realizing photovoltaic plants from the first energy bill by 2008.

we are human, who want to create technology, in order to improve the human impact on the ecosystem, reducing their carbon footprint (carbon footprint).

The first photovoltaic, renewable energy, energy efficiency and food sovereignty are our mission, to develop technological systems available to customers that they can make a difference in the autonomy and well-being that comes.

we are human, with the environment, with the ecosystem in the heart and technology in the mind, who live and work with the intent to improve themselves and the world around us.

The company helps customers to invest in green business with ethics and business skills.

Founder: David Balbi – Project Manager in TIM (1995-2000 world wide 100), Senior Consultant in Siebel (Nasdaq 500-fast growing company) and among other he has Collaborated in Centrosolar and Energiebau in the renewables sector. E 'founder and MondoMigliore Agriculture 2.0 (http://www.agricoltura2punto0.it) He is responsible for building and growing the company, technically and commercially.

LinkedIn http://it.linkedin.com/pub/davide-balbi/11/92/249

Our mission

Improving mankind's relationship with the world, reducing the impact on the ecosystem and the carbon footprint, of everyday life, turning on the light, heating the environments or choosing what to grow, how to cultivate, and what to eat.

Decrease the use of fossil fuels is possible and we are already doing.

We like to offer customers, solutions to become independent, using efficiency of new processes or products for a greater autonomy.

We help customers to invest as we are already putting into practice with our experience.

Our values

Our values ​​are the compass of our actions and determine the way in the world:

    • Leadership: The courage to draw a better future
    • Ambient: Respect nature by improving the impact of man
    • Collaboration: To leverage the collective genius
    • Integrity: Be yourself
    • Responsibility: If it must be done, failure!
    • Passion: Commitment of the heart and of the head
    • Diversity: Where no one has gone before
    • Quality: What we do, we do it right