blog Post cannabis Sativa (sensimilla) to use Industriale: sustainable lighting




cannabis Sativa (sensimilla) to use Industriale: sustainable lighting

Would you like to produce Cannabis Sativa for industrial use in a climatic chamber at controlled temperature and photoperiod? REQUESTS
    With the opening of the market (Senate Law) towards industrial use of the plant Cannabis Sativa, open the possible technological scenarios to maximize the productivity of agricultural sensimilla (no semi) and have a crop of higher quality, compared to traditional techniques in open field.
Neil Yorio

Neil began his career at the Kennedy Space Center of NASA, where he held several roles in support of the research program on life support systems bioregenerativi. Con il Kennedy Space Center, 20 years of active research that involve a number of aspects of photobiology, plant physiology and controlled horticulture were applied to keep alive humans for long-term space missions. This biological approach required a life support system based on the system in which they were used agricultural and horticultural crops for food production, the production of oxygen, The removal of CO2 and water purification for the space crew. A main goal of this research has been directed to light, in particular to the photosynthetically active radiation, since the electric lighting technology is the main cost factor and an energy source for the biological support system. The work on finding the spectral quality led immediately to the use of LED solutions to replace inefficient and energy-sources for plant lighting (HPS, MH). Many of the publications peer-reviewed generated by the NASA research team are currently quoted or at least mentioned in the literature on marketing light light (often erroneously cited or misinterpreted). Now that Neil is participating with the sector of LED lamps and production of lamps, its solid base with the development of LED technology technology puts it in a unique position both for the understanding of lighting requirements (spectral and intensity), both for the understanding of the production and performance requirements for product development. Neil currently holds three patents. He actively supports the agency and the BIOS with specific product applications distribution network, installation and optimization of horticultural problems associated with the incorporation of LED technology in agricultural structures controlled environment, including the area of ​​legal medical marijuana. Neil is the author or coauthor of 55 peer-reviewed publications, six technical notes, a chapter of a book and a patent.

The today's technology also allows for the use of appropriate solutions that meet socially, environmentally and economically market, Also for Legal Cannabis. slide2
A good example of sustainability, They were studies for space missions, they have reduced a lot, the use of space and energy demand, with the creation of climatic chambers with controlled temperature and photoperiod, for the production of biomass, Also for cannabis.Diapositiva3
The quality of light affects the mood of the crop, on farm profitability, on phenological stages and the overall production which is reduced in a great economic advantage.Diapositiva4
The market offers various solutions for agriculture, all born from the traditional market.Diapositiva5
In this slide, a comparison between different technologies, where it can be noted that the LED has a greater bandwidth, which improves the availability of photons for photosynthesis.Diapositiva6
Technically, when it comes to artificial lighting for agriculture it is the unit of measure that is necessary to deepen. Diapositiva7
The man and plants, perceive the light in a different way.Diapositiva8
The comparison of performance, It helps us to choose the best technology in terms of power, yield and effective. Diapositiva9
Significant improvements for growing cannabis plants light and its product quality are obtained through the selection of LED lights.Diapositiva10
The LED light, in indoor growing, growbox or climatic chambers, recognize visibly. Diapositiva11
The lighting technology responds to the specific absorption wavelength of photosynthetic pigments Diapositiva12
  The power and the specter improve cultivation.Diapositiva13
The production of terpenes, with the LED light significantly increases with increased peaks of 278%. Diapositiva14
Every watt of power used with the right spectrum, It allows the indoor cultivation with LEDs enables a yield higher crop.Diapositiva15
ROI economic calculation of a climatic chamber facility for the production of Cannabis Sativa for industrial use for the sale of biomass as an inflorescence.Diapositiva16
Relying on products and companies specialized in the field is the best solution.Diapositiva17
The data to be considered for the choice of the productDiapositiva18
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Would you like to produce Cannabis Sativa for industrial use in a climatic chamber at controlled temperature and photoperiod? REQUESTS