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Pest control in aquaponics

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How to check easily and safely as aphid blooms in an aquaponics system.

A new trend often becomes a school of thought. Both experts and long-time farmers, both agriculture newcomers often have to deal with the same problems when it comes to agricultural crops. In this article, we want to concentrate on a parasite that seems to affect the whole world in all seasons. No matter where you built your plant, sooner or later it could happen at all, unless you have a greenhouse with all openings sealed by an anti aphids towel.

infested leaf

crapemyrtle_aphid03Having parasites on plants, in nature it is perfectly normal, it is the way that nature uses to break free from the diseased plants.

So, In short, If you have a problem of pests, e non solo significa un afide qua e là, but full-blown infestation, then you have diseased plants. There is no doubt about it, your plants lack key nutrients, that help you stay healthy and fight, otherwise would not so tasty to aphids.

In this photo, also it seems to be the multiplication of pests.

The last thing we need is to increase their population of them on our plant. E’ quindihow-to-identify-aphids_full_width require rapid action, as the infestation takes hold .

And speaking of the birth of new pests, aphids give birth to other aphids that are ready to eat as soon as their feet touch the leaf.Aphid-giving-birth

We have no idea how many new parasites are born every day, but they are enough to overwhelm a garden in no time. After starting the infestation, the action is fast and it's their only goal, eat. You can buy ladybugs and release them in the greenhouse or in the garden, while others use a mild soap or 2 tablespoons of dish soap diluted in 3-4 liters of water, spraying to kill. We think the best method is to dilute the molasses water whose aqueous solution, It is so sticky, You can easily immobilize the parasites and once the plants vine off easily with water collected .

The most important thing of aquaponics systems is checked and properly balance the system in order to get the right levels of nutrients available to crops. For example in this case the potassium silicate gives strong benefits to the plants, making much more than just pest control.

Completely soluble in water, the powder of potassium silicate is perfect for aquaponics systems:
    • It provides resistance to mineral stress.
    • Decreases climatic stress.
    • It improves strength.
    • It increases the growth and yield.
    • It helps plants to resist toxicity phosphorus, manganese, aluminum and iron.
    • Increase salt tolerance.
    • Protect the plants from botrytis (gray mold) e powdery mildew (PM).
    • Use as a foliar spray to prevent mold, bacteria and fungi
    • Also a wonderful pesticides when used as a foliar spray.
Ways to implement the nutrients with potassium silicate:
It can be safely used to increase the PH, or you can mix in water, combining acid to arrive at PH you like, and then add it to the system. It can also be used as a foliar spray.
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