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Free acid batteries

Features: room to be ventilated outside, It has a filling car system

Gel battery

Features: Local extension with ventilation

Tesla battery
  • Tesla energy has created great expectation in the market
  • A very innovative product
  • Significant technical features
  • captivating deisgn
  • Strong synergy with photovoltaics


Technical characteristics of Powerall
  • ability to 6,4 kWh
  • High Voltage - High efficiency
  • Lithium batteries
  • output power 3,3 kW
  • Yield 92,5% charge-discharge
  • warranty 10 anni



Sunny Boy Storage + Sunny Boy + HV Battery
  • High voltage battery to the high-capacity lithium-ion battery
  • Allows energy management pushed and great autonomy thanks to its high capacity battery
  • Ideal for refront (upgrade PV plants connected years ago)
  • Suitable for new installations (heavy loads)
  • very flexible (FV of multiple sizes plant)
  • Simple to install and cost-effective


SB Smart energy – case study

Case study: family 4 people (2 low. 2 stud. Northern Italy, annual consumption around 4.000 kWh / year (1.100 € / annual bills). Realize PV plant 6 kWp with SB Smart Enery and pass a levy in place of 3kW 4,5 kW

Facility monitored by a year: