What we do

We listen to customers
Careful analysis phase to determine the real needs of the customer, integrated with the corporate experience, leads to the best possible result. Whether consumption on a bill or the available space on a plot, for us it is routine work. photovoltaics, aquaponics.
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agricultural or industrial land , spaces, heights, and live loads, flat roofs or flap, Portuguese tiles or Roman tiles, each measure and each photo allows us to create a just solution, for any need you may want autonomyre. investments PSR, invest in aquaponics

preliminary design, executive and definitive, with their variants during construction, single-line diagrams, sizings are the key to a correct installation and the resulting in customer satisfaction. vernalization saffron, invest in agriculture

autorities relations
Common, province, regions, Barley, commissions, Manager Energy Services, network operators, us We handle all the tasks needed to make things happen. innovative agriculture projects
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regulatory changes, inspections or monitoring, every question that arises in time, find always a correct answer and an appropriate interlocutor. Idroponica, aeroponic

How we do it


Know your customer, its priorities, its objectives

Team Rating

Analysis of the most appropriate solution to customer needs

customer offer

material offer with differentiation to choose the most suitable price


Who work, where he works and when it works

Design and execution

preliminary design, executive and definitive for a correct installation of the works

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agricultural activities – 12 million euro in "Diversification of agricultural activity"



agricultural activities – 12 million euro in "Diversification of agricultural activity"

Like the aquaponics? Request a quote Farming, LAZIO REGION PSR LATINA – This amounts to 12 million euro in total funding to questions about the Public Announcement of the Lazio Region for "Diversification of agricultural activity". The resources are aimed at encouraging investments for the diversification of farms by creating, strengthening, qualification of tourism activities and diversification of agricultural activities. The ban…

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